Products and Services

Auto Business News (ABN)

Auto Business News is updated throughout the day and provides timely, concise news stories on the global automotive industry. Whether you are following manufacturers, component suppliers or new technologies ABN will cover the stories that are important to you.


Global Banking News (GBN)

Global Banking News provides up-to-the-minute news on all aspects of the global banking and insurance sectors and is essential reading for anyone following this fast-moving 24-hour industry. Global Banking News offers concise, unbiased reporting of all significant events in this truly global business.


International Resource News (IRN)

International Resource News focuses on the global oil, gas and mining industries and provides concise, unbiased information throughout the day. This includes financial results, drilling announcements and strategic partnerships in this centuries-old, but ever-changing sector.


Travel Business Review (TBR)

Travel Business Review provides updates throughout the day on events affecting the travel industry. TBR focuses on all levels of the leisure and business travel sectors, from multinational giants to smaller independent travel companies, offering concise and informative stories as soon as they break.


ENP Newswire

ENP Newswire is a global press release distribution service that allows companies to distribute their news both via the world's largest news agencies and directly to individual journalists.



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